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So I got the mail today to find myself with an absolutely gorgeous Anna-inspired scarf from the very, very lovely corsairsboutique:


Sven was nice enough to model it for me, since I look like absolute hell today:


SO pretty. I can’t wait to wear it! Seriously, I’ve had SUCH a bad week, and this just made my day. Thank you so very much, Ashley! ♥♥♥

(And you should all totally check out her Etsy shop because her stuff is just gorgeous. ♥)

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He’s justabitofadreamfixeruppersurroundedbyenormouspilesofmoney he’sgotafewflaws

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Totally didn’t sit on a specific side of the parade route specifically to get shots of Flynn. Nope.

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The wait is over! Frozen has taken over here at Corsair’s Boutique! I debuted these pieces at Anime Matsuri and again at Megacon and they were a HIT! We can’t keep these bad boys in stock at the cons!

Our new items include the Deluxe Anna cincher, the Deluxe Anna Cape, Anna Capelet, Anna Cropped Vest, Anna scarf, and Anna messenger bag, the Deluxe Elsa cincher, the Elsa Scarf, and the Kristoff Scarf! I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and items so be on the look out for more in the very near future

We have all of these lovely items(and more!) listed over on my Etsy page!

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Have you checked out my awesome Element of Harmony necklaces yet?

An idea born out of a need for something cute, feminine, and still fandom oriented, these necklaces are a perfect accessory to your My Little Pony cosplay!

Each necklace is made of custom embroidered lace that is crafted in house, along with a heat sealed acrylic charm. Two 18 inch ribbons attached to the sides allow for sturdy and comfortable tying.

These are availible for purchase in my Etsy shop or at any convention I will be vending!

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Disney’s Peter Pan (1953)

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86th Annual Academy Awards.

86th Annual Academy Awards.

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Congratulations Frozen on your Oscars! I’m sorry I made this super quick.




Congratulations Frozen on your Oscars! I’m sorry I made this super quick.


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Introducing Let It Bow on Etsy!

by raised-by-frozen-trolls, fic author and Frozen fangirl

I have 19 Frozen-inspired designs in the shop right now, with ideas for more to come! I never could have created this shop without the encouragement and inspiration of my friends in the Frozen fandom, and since I can’t give each and every one of you hugs and cookies, I decided to thank you by always keeping my prices “high school/ college job” affordable, and offering discounts and bonuses just for my tumblr followers whenever it strikes my fancy. Like right now! If you purchase something from my shop, use the code TUMBLRFAN at checkout for an additional 10% off through March 8th. 

I created Let It Bow due to the lack of official Frozen merch (especially wearable merch) for teen and adult fans. While I would love to see my bows enjoyed by kids, too, I really wanted to create something that awesome, inspiring young women (and men, too! bow ties! woo!) could wear with pride to show allegiance to their favorite characters and fandoms. My designs will be recognizable to fellow fans, but stylish enough to avoid scrutiny from the average co-worker or classmate (who obviously doesn’t realize what a great movie and fandom he or she’s missing out on!)

So please check out the shop, reblog this for your Frozen friends, and enjoy Let It Bow! 

Thank you so much! <3

Oh my gosh, Ayn! You are so talented! I will seriously buy some!

Looking forward to pairing these with some of my new Frozen cinchers! So cute!